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Sex is not the same for women than for men and that we need a little more attention, eroticism, and sensuality. It is not enough for us to touch ourselves a little and start with the penetration, but we need a sensual environment that excites us and awakens our instincts. To achieve this, there are preliminary games that are made before starting intercourse and for women they are essential. If you want Link exchange for the adult website, you can contact us.

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Covering her eyes serves to enhance what men and women like best she turns on by concentrating on what she feels on her skin and he loves to see her vibrating with her sensual touches. The view is the most stimulated of our senses. It’s now possible to do the Link exchange of the service. Contact us now. Therefore, the game of covering the eyes can be very stimulating, because it activates the other senses and explores new limits. You can also try handcuffing your partner while blindfold her. Start by licking from her toe, bypass the vaginal area, lick the naval, bite the belly, suck the nipple, kiss the neck, kiss her lips and then slightly come down by licking her body to enter your tongue into her vagina.

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Many couples close their eyes when having sex. That does not mean that it is the same as covering your eyes. There is a great emotional difference between voluntarily closing your eyes and blindfold. Blindfolds are a classic element of the games of domination and submission, or in the practices of domination, submission and sadomasochism that recently popularized & Fifty Shades of Gray. Without having to go into greater eccentricities, a blindfold can be the playful touch that the relationship needs. Escorts website link exchange is now possible with our service.

You don't have to be a professional masseuse. With soft touches and squeezes, brushing your skin with a feather or a silk scarf, you will make the skin bristle with contact. Use oils or aromatic lotions to perform the massage. You can also light a scented candle. Did you like the idea? Well, then contact for Escort Banner Exchange today. Light your taste buds. Experiment with aphrodisiac foods. Try juicy strawberries or sweeten your palate with creamy chocolate. The sex game catalogs offer elaborate models of blindfolds, from delicate silk and lace garments to daring leather designs and metal buckles. However, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money.